Is laser tattoo removal expensive?

Laser tattoo removal is a highly expensive treatment option but it has been shown to work. These treatments can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. The cost of tattoo removal by laser will fluctuate due to the color, size and age of your tattoo. Laser tattoo removal treatments are often quick treatments. Smaller tattoos may only take 5-15 minutes to treat. Larger tattoos will take more time to treat.

Laser tattoo removal treatments can require an extended amount of treatments in order to achieve maximum results. This is because the laser breaks up tattoo pigments ( with light and heat. Only so much light can penetrate into the skin and break up the pigment of a tattoo at one time. However, black inks absorb more light then light colored inks. That is why there are different machines that are intended for use on different tattoo colors. Also, new tattoos will offer quicker results than old ones.

During a laser treatment, there are several steps that must take place before the treatment will even begin. The steps are listed in order below:

1. A consultation will be needed and an appointment for treatment
2. Before treatment you will need to fill out a form stating your general information and health information
3. When entering the laser room, a form of eye wear will be provided to protect your eyes from the laser light
4. The laser specialist will wipe your tattoo with rubbing alcohol to clean it
5. The treatment will then begin

Laser is an effective tattoo removal option, but its price may not fit everyone budget. An alternative way to address the appearance of a tattoo is with a tattoo fading product. If you want to see how tattoo fading products versus laser, please visit

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