What is laser stretch mark removal?

Stretch marks are a form of scarring that can develop from a body growth. Stretch marks are also known as striae. Most body growths include: puberty, weight fluctuations, body building and weight lifting. When these growths occur, the skin becomes stretched and collagen is disturbed. Individuals who suffer from stretch marks often look for a laser treatment to get rid of their embarrassing marks.

What is laser stretch mark removal? This refers to using a hand held machine to provide heat pulses to the skin so that layers will melt away.

A laser machine is used in medical facilities to help men and women removethe look of their stretch marks under professional supervision by either an aesthetician, Dermatologist or Doctor. A laser machine is intended to remove the upper layers of the skin so that scarred, bumpy layers are not exposed . Laser treatments are intended for use on men and women. Laser treatments are painful for individuals who have a low pain tolerance. For best results with, 5-12 treatments may be needed. For some men and women, this can be expensive. To learn more and treatments and stretch mark creams, please look at this page.

A less painful approach to diminishing the look of stretch marks would be using a topical cream. Stretch mark creams are sold for affordable prices in retail stores and online. Some creams that are sold online can b purchased in a Buy 2, Get 1 Free purchase special offer. This helps you save money!

Stretch mark creams are respected among men and women who want to use an option that is not painful. Creams for body marks can be used in the privacy of one’s home as long as side effects do not occur. If side effects results, then you should discontinue using the product.

Before purchasing a cream for stretch marks, you should make sure that the product is marketed to smooth and tone the look of the skin. It should also be promoted to help maintain elasticity. Use the http://top-stretchmarkcreams.com link to learn more about stretch mark creams.